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Even though you may feel you are guilty of what you were arrested for, there may be defenses to your case. Don't forget that if the state can't prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt, you must be found not guilty. There is a distinction to be made between "guilty in fact" as opposed to "guilty at law". To most people there is no difference, but to an attorney and/or a judge there may be a very large distinction. Often police use tactics that may be discredited, or methods to secure evidence which may be unconstitutional. In that event evidence may be thrown out of court such that the state's case against you is weakened or destroyed.

For example, you may be pulled over for a traffic ticket and a police officer, after writing and completing the citation, detains you until a drug sniffing dog arrives on the scene. Drugs are found in the car and you are arrested for possession of those drugs. The detention may have exceeded the time allowed for your lawful detention. Keeping you for longer than it takes to write the traffic citation may be unlawful in these circumstances. And there are numerous other situations where the police conduct is improper such that evidence may be thrown out of court. Additionally, there may be other defenses to your case that have nothing to do with police misconduct.

While no attorney should guarantee the outcome of any particular case, a south Floridas criminal attorney well schooled in the law may find a way to secure a favorable result in your case. This can happen even though you may have considered yourself "guilty". If you find an attorney who you are comfortable with, and who takes the time to explain the law as it relates to your case, you should at that point consider hiring him or her to vigorously defend you.

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