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There are at least two good reasons for hiring your own attorney. I do not wish to offend or demean the Public Defender's Office as there was a time when I was a public defender. But the first and simplest reason is that you may not be eligible for their services. There are financial guidelines in all of the Public Defender Offices, and if you earn too much money you may be disqualified.

The second reason is the service that you should expect. As a private attorney I cater to the needs of my clients, and their schedules in that I am reachable seven days a week (excepting Saturday morning) from 8 AM to 10 PM. I often set appointments anywhere up to 8 PM at night so that I can meet with my clients and discuss the case; these appointment times will not be set by a Public Defender. Weekend appointments are also available whereas a public defender will rarely, if ever, meet a client on the weekend.

As a private attorney I return calls almost immediately; if I am on another call I will often interrupt that call in order to advise you that I will call back within minutes. I make it my priority to respond to you, your calls and questions as quickly as possible. Nothing is as discouraging as trying to reach your attorney and not getting a prompt reply to the question that must be answered.

Public Defenders are often very good attorneys, but their workload and schedules make individual attention very difficult to obtain. I do not carry the same caseload, and as a consequence, I am more able to respond quickly to the needs of my clients or their family members when they call about the case.

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